Are You "Grant Ready"?

Fee:  $300

How To Write For State Grants

Fee:  $300

Comprehensive Grant Writing Course

This comprehensive course will include 6 hours of training over 4 weeks plus a one hour one on one session to cover any topic about grant writing  or answer any questions  about a grant you are writing.  You will receive 4 courses:

  • Writing Foundation Grants
  • Writing State Grants
  • Writing Federal Grants
  • Creating A Grant Budget

The courses will be available for replay for 30 days after completing the course so you can go back to review the lessons.

This course is valued at $1,400 for only $999.  Payments can be paid in installments.

Foundation Grants


How To Write for Federal Grants

Fee:  $400

How To Set Up Your Books When You Can’t Afford A Bookkeeper

FREE - A webinar attendee only offer will be extended at the end of the webinar.

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